Rounding up the year of 2021 for Wills & Trusts

It has been a year of growth for Wills & Trusts yet again. It has been a difficult year for many businesses, but despite that, we have continued to progress. Aligned with our company vision, we have continued to grow and have been able to provide a service to our customers that we are proud of. This is all despite the year starting with uncertainty.

Below is a roundup of our year, which opened up new opportunities for the firm whilst also allowing us to continue to bolster our reputation for providing great customer service to clients. You can view our testimonials so don’t just take our word for it.

Wills and Trusts 2021 Round Up

Expansion and growth for Wills & Trusts

As mentioned earlier, the vision for this year has a focus on considered growth. Wills & Trusts have been able to cautiously continue with our growth journey throughout 2021.


It all started with a new location and office in Ashby-de-la-Zouch. This is in a prominent location with a strong connection to the local community. Not only has its central location helped us to form a bond between ourselves and our clients, but the careful preservation of the building façade has also gone down very well with the local councillors who wrote to us to tell us how pleased they were with its restoration. Read more in this short article.


2021 also saw the launch of a new location in Winchester. As with Ashby, this has allowed us to bring our full offering to a new region with the supporting structure already in place in Thame. If you are on the south coast and haven’t popped in yet, make sure you come and say hello.


And there was one more! Whilst Ashby and Winchester came about as planned in 2021, Wills & Trusts also opened a new office which had been delayed from 2020 for obvious reasons. This allowed us to again be more accessible to clients in and around the Henley area; providing expert advice in a face to face environment which we have always found to be the preference of the majority of our clients. Of course, clients are also always able to catch up with us over the phone or contact us via our website should they wish.

Charity cycle ride

If you’re a keen follower of our social media pages, you may have seen that the Wills & Trusts team took part in a charity cycle ride. It was hard work but very rewarding for the team. Especially after finding out that we raised over £16K for 4 hospice charities with close personal connections to members of our team. You can read a bit more about the charities and the 210 miles, 3-day ride here.


Wills & Trusts Accountancy launched

2021 also saw the launch of Wills & Trusts Accountants. Our experienced and growing accountancy team will be working hand in hand with clients, establishing tax mitigation plans that bring a proactive nature to an industry that is typically highly reactive, or simply tackles book-keeping. If you’d like to know more about our Accountancy practice, you can find the Accountancy page on our website.

It’s all about the people at Wills & Trusts

As you would expect, expansion in offices meant new, carefully selected people. Whilst Wills & Trusts have always been about the people and providing an excellent service to clients, we have also seen extensive growth internally. Importantly, all our new hires are enrolled on a week-long culture session with Wills & Trusts founder David Batchelor to quickly bring them up to speed with everything that makes Will & Trusts unique whilst also supporting their personal journey with the company.

Our team has seen a lot of new hires across all departments, making a great impact. You can see from our recent Christmas wreath making excursion just how well we all get on. We wouldn’t be able to offer the service we do to our clients if we didn’t have such a great team. The people who have been with us for years have also welcomed new members and helped them to integrate.

Meet the expert

If you haven’t checked out any of our webinars yet, make sure you give them a watch. Our Meet the Expert series went down really well, proving extremely popular among our clients and those who have an interest in wealth management. Watch this space as there has been enough interest generated that we could be launching our very own Wills & Trusts podcast!

Looking forward to a brighter future

At Wills & Trusts, we want you to have a brighter future financially. We also care about the long-term future of all our clients and their children and grandchildren. That’s why we are in this business. With the future in mind, we’ve been working hard to bring sustainability portfolios to clients. It was fantastic to see the excitement these generated amongst clients, and the real impact they will make in the future – a real one to watch over the coming year.  As a business, we also began offsetting our teams’ carbon emissions and have begun to instal electric car charging points at our office locations. You can read our blog on Earth Day and also learn more about the work we do planting trees and so much more by following us on social media.

Wills & Trusts sponsorships

Wills & Trusts have also taken to the sporting world to promote local sport and continue to raise the profile of our company. We are now proud sponsors of Chinnor Rugby Club and we are delighted to see the team competing towards the top end of the table in the league, but also doing so much good work within the local community. Contributing to local sports teams and businesses is something that is at the heart of Wills & Trusts. We will continue to follow and support all teams at Chinnor as they progress. If you are local to the area, there is some great rugby on show.

We were also extremely pleased to see our sponsorship of Stratford Town Football Club go down incredibly well. The local non-league side put up an extremely brave fight against League 1 Shrewsbury. At the time of the draw, the opponents were in the highest division possible that Stratford could face. It was great to see them go 1-0 up and celebrate right in front of our Wills & Trusts board!

See you next year

All in all, as you can see, it has been a busy year for us at Wills & Trusts and we’re cautiously optimistic for another year of growth in 2022. As we continue to focus on providing the best possible level of service for you and your family. If you ever have any questions or queries, do contact us at Wills & Trusts via our website or call us on 01844 212907.

James Jugg

December 22, 2021