4 Things a Financial Planner Could Help You With

Planning your tax, offering financial advice and also helping you to sort your retirement plan are all things a trusted financial planner can do for you. Below we go into detail on four things a financial planner could help you with. A good adviser can do so much more than just the basics.

4 things a financial planner can help you with

A financial planner should be able to help you plan your financial affairs. Whether it be through general wealth management or helping you with your Wills and Trusts, they should be experts in their field. Of course, they will still be able to help you with the standard and normal practices of a retirement strategy, but there is so much more to it. With the correct wealth management, you could save money and grow your assets.

1)     Did you know they can help you with Tax Planning?

Planning ahead with the goal to becoming financially secure will certainly help lower financial stresses in the years to come – knowing your future is financially taken care of can be a real help with regard to mental health. A lot of people will cite financial issues as one of their main causes of stress and anxiety.

Not knowing that your children will grow up with security can cause a lot of angst. But a financial planner can always help ensure there is a safe passage ahead. Being responsible with money is where to start, and for many, tax is an area where confusion creeps in. Of course, you’ll want a financial planner who goes above and beyond. We have a team of dedicated accountants within the group who are tasked with planning for the purposes of tax navigation. Where appropriate, our advisers will lean on their expertise to help a client.

2)     Planning for the future

Another reason you may want to consult a financial planner is if you are looking to protect the wealth that you have built over your lifetime. You won’t want your money going into the wrong hands or seeing it moved away from someone you trust. Financial experts, like the ones found at Wills and Trusts, will be able to assist you with your planning to stop this from happening.

Essentially, it is your money, and you can move it, or transfer it wherever you would like to. Our financial advisers can certainly help to ensure your money is safe and is well looked after. It should not fall into the wrong hands, but it should also not be splashed away. You won’t want to leave your children or loved ones in a financially secure position, and then have them squander the income on flash cars or over leveraged property.

3)     A Financial Planner can help you plan for Retirement

With the retirement age expected to increase, it is prudent to start planning well in advance. Obviously, with any decisions people make, there is usually one eye on the future. But how far ahead should you look? Well, a financial planner may advise you on certain financial matters including looking ahead to retirement. A trusted and experienced financial planner should be able to help you out.

Age may be a factor when considering how much planning is involved in your retirement. If you are younger, the simpler it may be to edit/juggle as you get older. It may be that unusual circumstances dictate that you have to completely edit your plan, but these occasions are not common. It’s not just about saving money though. A qualified professional would be able to help you with investments also, putting you on track to your dream retirement.

4)     Clean up your finances with Financial Planning advice

This might sound like the basics for a financial planner, but sometimes cleaning up your finances can be a little more complicated. A graduate who has been to University, is likely to have accumulated some debt, probably through student loans. Luckily, there are ways you can manage your debt so that it never feels insurmountable. Financial insecurity can often lead to stress and anxiety, but often it is not always as bad as it might appear. Consulting a financial planner might provide you with a road map that you need to help manage your debt.

For more information on what other things a financial planner can help you with, check out the rest of our site. We also have a variety of seminars that we put on and you can sign up for a Wills and Trusts seminar through our website.


James Jugg

June 12, 2021