Are you fully in control of your pensions and financial vision?


There has been much speculation in recent times, that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) intends to increase the retirement age in the UK – currently at 66 – to 68.

Such a move would naturally have a profound impact on pensions.

Whilst the speculation was denied, what is unquestionable is that consultations are underway, with a review into the state pension age due for publication in 2023.

Whatever its findings, the noise around the retirement age brings into sharp focus, the need for having a clear understanding and plan for our pensions, amassed through years of dedication and hard work.

There is no time like the present and it is worth asking yourself a few important questions:

Do I have a plan for my pension? Is it working as hard as possible for me? Am I planning effectively for an optimal retirement? What kind of legacy do I wish to create and leave?

Here are three reasons why seeking expert pension advice today, can enhance your financial prospects – both now and in the future.


Pensions are dynamic

It’s easy to keep our pensions on the backburner – life can be hectic, after all.

We pay into them each month automatically and trust they are accruing somewhere, ready to be accessed upon retirement.

Yet pensions, and the decisions we take with them, from risk appetite to voluntary contributions amongst others, can change with circumstances.

What was optimal five years ago may no longer be the case and there’s always a chance they could be performing better and working harder for you.

In both our professional and personal lives we adapt and evolve constantly; is it time for a similar approach to your pension?


Act now, reap rewards in the future

The decisions we make today, in all aspects of our lives, affect our futures. Keeping fit, for example, can pay dividends later down the line as we get older.

The same concept rings true for our financial estates, with decisions made in the here and now having an impact on the legacy we ultimately create.

Taking action now, by conducting a 360-degree review and analysis of your pension, can have a hugely positive impact later in life, whilst the opposite through inaction can also be true.

What’s more, a review of your pension may spark a wider conversation as to your long-term vision and the type of financial legacy you truly wish to create and ultimately, leave for loved ones.


Knowledge and expertise on your side

Our financial estates are deeply personal, yet that doesn’t mean that sourcing the support and benefiting from the knowledge of experts who live and breathe finance, isn’t a good thing.

Our health is important, and we rightly consult doctors and other medical professionals to keep us in good shape. Likewise, we put our trust in mechanics when our car comes to be serviced, to ensure it is running efficiently and to maximum performance.

Consequently, it makes sense that reaching out to pension specialists and financial experts, is a wise and ultimately fruitful decision when considering the performance and strength of our pensions.


At Wills & Trusts, our dedicated team have amassed a huge amount of experience in pension planning and support.

Our experts work on a bespoke basis – we know that no two individuals or sets of circumstances and visions are alike.

We provide holistic support and advice when it comes to your pension plans, working through a strategy that is right and beneficial to you.

We are passionate and experienced in ensuring that your pensions are proactively managed, to safeguard your hard-earned wealth and to continually maximise their potential, to the benefit of you and your family.

Get in touch with our advisers today and let us help you create your legacy.

Paula O'Reilly

February 20, 2023