Introducing Wills & Trusts Solicitors

After much anticipation, planning and tremendous effort within the team, we are delighted to announce the launch of Wills & Trusts Solicitors.

This new addition to our family of brands marks a significant milestone for everybody here at Wills & Trusts, including our growing family of clients and customers, who have continued to work with us over the many years since we first began.

We have always been proud to say our services in financial planning meet with the highest criteria relating to professional qualifications and sound ethical practice.

The same standards and requirements are equally expected of our legal advisers, whether that’s advising on the best way to structure one’s assets — securing a legacy for future generations — or helping families to manage the estate of a deceased loved one correctly.

As a licensed firm of solicitors, our newly approved status ensures the legal advice our clients receive will always be in their best interests. In fact, we are now one of the few wealth management firms in the UK with Chartered Financial Planning status and with a separate firm of solicitors regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority).

Another key difference is that we do not do any commercial or corporate legal work. Our focus will always remain on helping families, as we believe this to be the most important and rewarding thing we can do.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Stuart Payne, summed up this new side of the business and how it will benefit our clients. He said: “Wills & Trusts Solicitors is unlike most other solicitors in that we are a specialist firm. We do not do any divorce or conveyancing work, focussing solely on helping families to legally protect, secure and pass down their wealth in a manner that is most beneficial to those inheriting.”

“If somebody wanted to set up a Trust, for example, then you’ll want to help your family save on certain types of taxes. You also want to ensure the arrangements you’ve made will not be compromised by ever-changing legislation, and that your express wishes will be carried out in full. That’s why it’s so important to make sure everything is managed correctly from a legal standpoint.”

Another critical area in which Wills & Trusts Solicitors will be helping clients is applying for Probate.

“Applying for Probate can be a testing period because it often falls to family of the deceased to handle such matters,” Stuart continues. “Add to this the confusion for those unfamiliar with the process, the importance of reaching out to a trusted, expert and compassionate team of solicitors becomes clear.”

“Regardless of whether somebody is planning for the future or dealing with the loss of the loved one, it’s always going to be complex and emotionally challenging. Wills & Trusts Solicitors exists to remove those legal stresses and hassles but in a caring and understanding way.”

“I’m immensely proud of the combined efforts of all our staff in bringing this new service to our clients, especially our newly expanded legal team. We’re all very excited to be helping families in even bigger and better ways moving forward.”

Paula O'Reilly

June 19, 2020