Wills & Trusts. The only IFA owned by its clients and staff.

What makes a company different? It can be their logo, their size, perhaps their services. But all of those things matter little if it doesn’t have the right culture.

Do you remember a time when we loved the mutual building societies? Then one by one they sold out, and I defy anyone to say they love the faceless, profit focused banks that they have become.

What made them different? It was the fact that they were owned by their members. It is that philosophy that helped us really understand what it means to build a client-focused culture.

We are owned by our clients and our staff. With clients as owners we can have a deeper understanding of what they want and need. With staff as owners, they live and breathe the company, and what it stands for. It’s one of the reasons why our staff have been with us for so long – they love what they do, and they love our clients.

When you think about who you want to manage your money, protect what you have for future generations and build a legacy that matters, are you going to choose a firm that is focused on making a profit?

Do you really think that any FTSE registered company thinks of much else? Do you want to work with a firm where there is a massive turnover of staff? Do you want to work with a firm that is a jack-of-all trades? Do you want to work with a firm that is not even Chartered?

These are important questions to ask when you choose who will look after you and your family in the years and decades to come.

Meet with one of our team, and you will instantly see the difference. We only work with families on building their wealth and protecting it for generations to come. That’s it!

We’d love to show you the difference we’ll make to your life and the life of your family. Speak to one of the team and you will find that you have found a new home.

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A complete, all-round approach to wealth management that's tailored around you and the legacy you wish to leave.