The level 4 Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning means this person can give you advice. It is not just advisers that can have this qualification but all of our Paraplanners are either qualified or studying hard to be so.

So when you send in your queries and questions don’t be surprised if your answer comes from one of our Paraplanners instead of your adviser, they really are very knowledgeable.


The Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning means you really know your stuff! And it is really quite difficult to get there!

Only two of our advisers hold this qualification throughout the whole business, and it is those really complex queries that we tend to send their way.

We expect more of the team to gain this qualification over the years so there will be more members of the team with specialist knowledge available to you.


This qualification is applicable to all our team members that have their Diploma and allows them to maintain existing relationships in a post-Brexit environment (whenever that may be).


The highest qualification awarded in financial services, and we are pleased to say we have two advisers who have this accolade; there are less than 3,000 fellows in the UK so they are a rare and valuable category of adviser.

These advisers have a vast and rounded knowledge of the industry; there really shouldn’t be anything they don’t know.

Being even more difficult to get too than Chartered status, this means they must really like taking exams!