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From growing your money today, to enjoying the ideal future for you and your loved ones, our webinar series focuses on key topics relating to Wills, pensions and investments. Delivered by one of our expert speakers – David Batchelor, Alison Parker and Dean Hobbs – each session gives you a common-sense guide to the subject, and the opportunity to speak one-to-one with a financial specialist, from the comfort of your own home.

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Meet The Expert - David Scammell

David has 30 years of experience in the financial services sector. The first ten years of his working life were spent as a central banker, working primarily as a portfolio manager in the area of treasury/market operations. During this period, he was fortunate to be offered positions overseas within the central banking network, and subsequently spent time not just at the Bank of England in London but also with the Bank for International Settlements in Basel and the Central Bank of Finland in Helsinki.

Thereafter, he returned to the UK and held a number of senior investment positions within fund management. Initially, he was employed as Head of Global Fixed income at the United Bank of Kuwait and was responsible for setting the house view on interest rates and managing bond portfolios for the Kuwaiti Government. David then moved to Schroders where he spent over a decade as a fund manager looking after institutional, retail and charity money – the majority of these portfolios centred around Government bonds and Inflation-linked bonds. More recently, David carried out a similar role with Santander Bank Asset Management.

Outside of fund management, David is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant who likes horse riding and running marathons.

Join our discussion to gain his industry insights.

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David Batchelor with special guest David Scammell

Will review webinar

Plan for the future you want

  • Learn how to build your wealth now
  • Minimise tax liabilities
  • Ensure your family benefits in full from their inheritance

Available on-demand

Presenter: Michael Bennett

Investments webinar

Learn lessons from the best in the industry

  • Discover the strategies of the world’s most successful investors
  • Avoid the most commonly made investment mistakes
  • Improve your returns while keeping risk to a minimum

Available on-demand

Presenter: Lee Humphrey

Pensions webinar

Plan for the future you want

  • Explore your pension options
  • Boost your retirement income
  • Avoid the hidden tax pitfalls

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Meet The Expert – Colin Wells

Join us for a discussion on people, business and property with Colin Wells, founder of Prospect Estate Agency – winner of Best Estate Agency UK & Best Lettings Agency UK.

Colin Wells

Meet The Expert – Jonathan Dunn

Wills & Trusts Founder David Batchelor recently hosted a webinar interview with business expert Jonathan Dunn.

Jonathan is CEO of specialist merger and acquisition adviser BCMS and has over 25 years of international experience in the M&A market having been involved in several high-profile business deals, equating to billions of pounds in transactional value. His insider knowledge and vast experience made for a highly engaging session – Please do take a look.

Available on-demand

Jonathan Dunn

Budget Briefing

Budget Briefing: The Devil Is In the Small Print!

On March 4th 2021 we hosted our webinar briefing following on from the Chancellor’s Budget Announcement the day prior. We dived into the details, extracted the information that we thought you’d benefit from being made aware of, and presented it in a straightforward engaging format.

The session is now available to view on-demand via the link below.

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End of Year Tax Planning

Tax planning is not just for the super-wealthy!

Focusing on the end of the tax year, how much money would you lose if you don’t take action?

It’s too easy to think that year-end tax planning is for the super-wealthy, but it’s for everyone that wants to use the tax year to their advantage.

On 24th February we hosted an ‘end of tax year’ webinar. The 1-hour webinar is designed for you if:

  • You have an ISA
  • You take an income from an ISA
  • You have children over the age of 18
  • You have grandchildren under the age of 18
  • You pay into a pension
  • You take income from a flexible pension
  • You would like to claim more advanced tax allowances

The webinar is open to clients and customers as well as family and friends.

To view on-demand click here.