Why a bucket list, and a sprinkling of encouragement, really can mean a ‘new you’ in 2020

There’s an old Chinese proverb, which profoundly – and quite rightly – states, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

As we tick off the first month of a new year and, indeed, a new decade, some of us will have kept to our New Year’s resolutions and some, as is the nature of the beast, will have fallen by the wayside at various points of the month.

However, life can be so much more than once-a-year resolutions. At various stages of our lives, we’ve all had dreams and aspirations of varying shapes and sizes.

Some of these dreams and aspirations have become victims of life’s circumstances where life has simply got in the way. Some may have been temporarily parked while we focus on other priorities and some may have become a reality.

At Wills & Trusts, we’re all about making dreams and aspirations a reality. We’re about creating bucket lists and we’re about keeping to them; ticking each off one step at a time – much like the old Chinese proverb.

Why make a bucket list of things you want to achieve in life? Here are three reasons to create yours today:


When all is said and done, it’s memories that make our lives enriching and fulfilling. Memories can last a lifetime, they can be vivid, they can be ones to tell the grandchildren about. Whatever stage of life you are active, it’s never too late to create new memories – and a bucket list is a perfect place to start that process.


It’s easy to get sucked into daily routines, getting that ‘Monday morning feeling’ and feeling that life can be, well, a little monotonous. Creating a bucket list and setting yourself the challenge of ticking off as many as possible can help rediscover any lost vigour and give you a real, positive sense of purpose.

Always something new

A bucket list doesn’t need to be finite. Completed one of the elements on it? Great, just tick it off and add a new one! That way you’re always following your dreams, always finding things to aspire towards – and that’s got to be good for the soul, hasn’t it.


So where do Wills & Trusts come in?

We like to consider ourselves positive go-getters who embrace life and as such, we’re determined to enter the new ‘Roaring Twenties’ in style and with a positive, can-do mindset – not just in our professional lives for the benefit of our clients but in our personal lives too.

That’s why we’ve created the ultimate tool to help you achieve your dreams – whether that’s visiting the one place you’ve always wanted to go, getting that idea on paper and writing a novel, saving up for your dream car or achieving that qualification you’ve always wanted to complete.

That’s where our dedicated Wills & Trusts Bucket List website comes in.

The user-friendly, inspirational feel to the website allows you to create an account and dynamically add to your very own bucket list as and when you need to.

The best thing about it? It relies on the website’s users coming together as one community to help each other fulfil their dreams. So, if you see an item on someone else’s bucket list that you’ve completed or you just want to lend encouragement and support, you can do that.

Our dreams and aspirations are often private but with support and encouragement from others, we can all achieve more of our goals together.

Join the Wills & Trusts innovative website now – let’s embrace the new and tick off life’s bucket list; one step at a time.

Paula O'Reilly

February 4, 2020