Why having a solicitor in your corner could be the best decision you make

There can be a common misconception that a solicitor is someone to engage in a one-off activity for a specific purpose. That may be true to an extent. We’ll all have periods in our lives when circumstances dictate that a solicitor is required to handle the legal aspects – purchasing a house being a case in point.

However, there’s much to be gained by having a solicitor on your side for all of life’s challenges and opportunities.

Think about a life coach. Engaging a life coach on a one-off basis may offer specific results, however being able to tap into their experience, knowledge and guidance on a regular and consistent basis will offer far greater long-term benefits.

It’s the same when it comes to solicitors. To have someone ‘in your corner’ who knows you and your goals, ambitions and aspirations can be both hugely beneficial and reassuring. Here are five reasons retaining the services of a solicitor can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on both you and your estate.


Strength in numbers

It’s probably best to think of ‘solicitors’ plural. Yes, you may have a specific contact point but engaging with a reputable wealth management company such as Wills & Trusts means you’re not just benefiting from the expertise of one solicitor – you’re getting the value of a whole team of professionals who work together and share best practice and knowledge – and that can add tremendous value.


Save precious time

The decision to appoint a solicitor is, as established, sometimes a necessity but not all scenarios are clear cut. There may be times when it’s possible to work through legal affairs without engaging professionals, however this can be incredibly time consuming. Legal matters are complex and mistakes can be costly. It’s worth considering how much your time is worth and whether it’s better to let the professionals handle important matters.


Save precious money

A good solicitor will leave no stone unturned in delivering the best possible results for you. Using every legal route and tapping into their expert insight, they are adept at deeply analysing the circumstances in question and finding outcomes that could either save you money or, indeed, make you money. A high quality solicitor can be worth their weight in gold.



Avoid the unknowns

The legal world is incredibly dynamic, the landscape forever shifting. It’s not just that legal affairs can be complex – legislation, laws and procedures can all evolve (or change altogether) and this can blindsight some. It is a solicitor’s job to stay on top of any changes and ensure the advice and guidance they are offering is in line with the most up to date, real-time legal frameworks.


Ultimate peace of mind

Life is for living. People are invested in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. We know a healthy financial estate and the ability to leave a strong legacy is of paramount importance, however it’s also important to create memories and enjoy lives to the full. Having a solicitor on your side means you can rest assured your assets are in the best possible hands, leaving you to focus day to day on the things that really matter to you.


At Wills & Trusts, our experienced legal experts are passionate about offering bespoke, tailored advice to all our clients to ensure financial aspirations are realised, assets are working hard and their financial legacy is secure.

Get in touch today and let us become part of your life’s journey. We’d love to be in your corner, working hard for you and the ones you love.

Paula O'Reilly

September 8, 2023