How Wills & Trusts Wealth Management’s new website is changing our clients’ journey to finding and securing their assets

There’s an old adage that if you’re standing still, you’re moving backwards.

Wills & Trusts Wealth Management has been established for a quarter of a century and while our commitment to helping protect and grow our clients’ wealth has not changed, how we enhance our services and offerings continues to evolve.

Certainly when it comes to the fast-moving world of technology, it’s important to innovate, develop and remain at the forefront of our industry and with the recent launch of our new website, we are doing just that.

We are delighted with the look, feel and usability of our new website. We’re rightly proud of what we do at Wills & Trusts and of the high-quality services and options we provide for our valued clients – our ethos, values and expertise are now truly reflected online.

Our website is our shop window to the world – a way of showcasing who we are, what we do and how/why we do it and, ultimately, what sets us apart.

By doing this we both enhance and secure our online presence into the future but, even more importantly, we provide our clients and potential clients with an improved user experience – which was absolutely front and centre of our thinking when devising it; because it isn’t necessarily about what we think of our site, it’s what our clients think that is of fundamental importance.

Here are just three reasons why we think our online users will benefit from our new website:

Simple to navigate

Every section and page on our new website serves a purpose – you won’t find any superfluous content, unnecessary jargon or online ‘rabbit holes’ to disappear down. You will discover simple, easy-to-find information which follows a logical user journey. As previously mentioned, our website is customer-driven and centred on what online visitors require from the experience.

Easy access information

Managing wealth requires approaches and considerations which can vary considerably person to person. Each situation is different and it is important that a comprehensive suite of information is available. That’s why we have made sure our new website is awash with vital, up-to-date information that is highly visible – from Estate Planning and Investments to Pensions and Specialist Legal Advice. It’s all there and it’s all easy to access.

Getting the full picture

We consider it a great honour to be entrusted to help protect and grow our clients’ wealth and with such responsibility, we know it is just as important that our clients get to know us as it is for us to know them. At Wills & Trusts we build trust and grow relationships with our clients and this is reflected on our new website. Visit the ‘About Us’ section and you’ll see exactly who we are and why we care so passionately about what we do so that you can rest assured, knowing you are working with the right people who care about your future.

At Wills & Trusts Wealth Management we are all about building futures and cementing legacies. Helping our clients achieve this is at the very heart of what we do and drives us forward – our new website now perfectly reflects these values.

We can now offer a valuable resource of information, advice, details on upcoming events and seminars, details about our commitment to the communities we serve, how we can help you tick off your ultimate bucket list and so much more.

Contact us to discover how we can help protect and grow your wealth both now and in the future – and understand what sets us apart.

Paula O'Reilly

October 21, 2020